A New Blogging Season

A single issue has remained familiar to me in the years I've been writing--inconsistency. As husband, father, pastor, writer, preacher, friend, human, and (real talk) general motivation--nothing vastly unique or significantly more than anyone else--I've failed to maintain a faithful habit of writing. To be candid, having written a book and currently working on a second, I feel pressure to produce. Please understand, this is not merely a negative pressure; I find great joy in creating, shaping, and sharing ideas through the written word. Something fills in me while making and producing ... perhaps you can relate. I love writing! So I've been longing to find an approach that creates a healthy rhythm of production and rest, while doing my best not to leave readers hanging.

All this being here's what I'm currently working on. Borrowing from the world of television and podcasting I'll be launching my first blogging "season" soon. Each forthcoming season will tackle a larger theme and be divided into a handful of "acts" in order to give order and intention to each subject. Seasons will run for a few months and Season One will launch August 7th, with new posts publishing every Monday the following three months or so.

The inaugural season will focus on the gospel or good news of Jesus as it relates to prevailing issues in my life and our current cultural landscape. The big idea of the first season is that every issue is a gospel issue before it is anything else. This idea has been prevalent in my life and I've been learning a lot as a 34 year old white husband and father in the middle of a multi-ethic city like Chicago. So here's what season one will look like ...


Season 1: The Good News &

Act 1: The Good News & Ethnicity

Act 2: The Good News & Family

Act 3: The Good News & City 


I can't wait to see how God makes clear what I have made confusing in these conversations and ideas, and I trust it will be for our good.

Are you with me?