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This month I had the opportunity to visit Millington Baptist Church with my friends and colleagues Steve Coble and Kenny Baker. We were joined by many other thoughtful and skilled ministry and community leaders to discuss racial reconciliation and the local church. My good friend Pastor Bob Erbig hosted the event. Please enjoy notes from this seminar as well as recommended resources for further learning around this important subject--each has been a tremendous help for me in my growth in the gospel and racial reconciliation.



Working toward racial reconciliation seems to be the issue of our time. As our country continues to be divided, how do we as Christ followers make every effort to cross necessary cultural barriers—ethnic, gender, socio-economic—to become one in Christ? The way forward is to recognize just how close to home this issue is. Gather for a time of music and courageous conversations as we engage in profound topics of faith that intersects with the most challenging cultural issues of our time. {Event Page}



  1. Steve's Notes on "Racism in Every Heart" (Galatians 2)

  2. Jason's notes on "The Masterpiece of Racial Reconciliation" (Ephesians 2)



  1. Korie L. Edwards | The Elusive Dream
  2. Michael Emerson | Divided By Faith
  3. Mark DeYmaz, Mark | Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church
  4. Bryan Loritts | Right Color, Wrong Culture
  5. Various | Letters to a Birmingham Jail
  6. Daniel Hill | White Awake
  7. Edward Gilbreath | Reconciliation Blues
  8. Jarvis Williams | One New Man
  9. Trillia Newbell | United
  10. Sandra Maria Van Opstal | The Next Worship
  11. Deyoung, Emerson, Yancey, and Kim | United By Faith
  12. Tony Evans | Oneness Embraced
  13. Duane Elmer | Cross-Cultral Servanthood