The Story Changes Everything. 

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Tell Me Everything: How Jesus Told Me His Story


The Good News & Ethnicity



“Jason Helveston is one of the most gifted young communicators in North America today.  He consistently brings solid theological insights, relevant application and a warm and personable style into both the pulpit and this book. His ability to connect the truth of God's word to people of widely diverse ages and backgrounds is a gift that every preacher – and writer - should covet.” — Dr. Scott A. Wenig, Haddon Robinson Chair of Biblical Preaching, Denver Seminary

“As someone that was very interested in religion and the inner belief of Jesus, Jason has been an unbelievable insight of knowledge. The way he gets his message across and portrays facts is second to none! Thanks for being a great mentor for all my questions and making me want to get closer to Jesus!” — Brent Burns, NHL All-Star


"As I devoured the final pages of Tell Me Everything I felt myself propelled deeper into the story of Jesus. This book—this story—reveals Jason’s amazing voice of truth for this generation, a voice we desperately need today to understand that Jesus is intertwined in everything, if we have the eyes to see and ears to hear the greatest story ever told.” 
— Dineen Miller, award-winning author of The Soul Saver and Winning Him Without Words

"Tell Me Everything breaks us free from a religious perspective of Christianity that’s clouded its beauty far too long. Finally—a book that masterfully weds our own stories to the greatest story ever told. Read this book!" — Ricky Jenkins, Teaching Pastor and Scholar in Residence, Fellowship Memphis


“In the same way that Jason preaches he writes with wit and ease moving you from truth to story and back to truth.  He takes concepts that so many of us think we are familiar with and turns them just enough to give us a fresh look with convicting results.  Far too many of us are more religious than we are willing to admit and far too few us understand the Gospel with clarity and conviction.  Jason graciously helps us to see both.” — Jackson Crum, Lead Pastor Park Community Church