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Humble Judgement: Three Thoughts on Matthew 7:1-5

For generations the undisputed most known and quoted Bible verse has been John 3:16. Today, Matthew 7:1 has taken the title. Yet, few who quote these words are even aware they are speaking the words of Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount. Nevertheless, “Judge not, that you be not judged” summarizes the mode and value of our current cultural moment. But have we misunderstood judgment?

What I Wanted to Say: Responding to Racism

I wanted to just say, this is racism. But then I thought conservatives may think it overly sensitive or dismissive, thinking it wrong to criticize the president or want an equal condemnation of progressive rhetoric. Then I thought the left may find objection with me for not going further into detail about what exactly and why it's evil and sharing a plan for what I’m going to do about it; go big or go home.

Becoming Political

On January 1, 1802 the newly elected president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson responded to a letter he received from representatives of the Danbury Baptists of Connecticut (1). This Christian coalition reached out to the new commander-in-chief with hopes of extending good will and prayers. They wrote also for the sake of religious liberty. As formerly under a monarchy the idea of civil freedoms was still a bit uncomfortable—like a new pair of shoes; shiny, beautiful, but unworn, rigid, and unfamiliar.