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Jason is a writer and pastor at Park Community Church in Chicago. He is married to Laura and they have three children--Glori, Jedidiah, and Micah. He writes and shares resources regularly about Jesus, story, the Bible, and culture.



"That is the fairy tale of the Gospel ... it not only happened once upon a time but has kept on happening ever since and is happening still.”  

Frederick Buechner



When Fads Become Foundations

I’ve embraced my share of fads. Most notably sporting multiple WWJD bracelets in the 90s, shaving a Nike Swoosh in my hair in junior high, and currently buttoning the top button of my collard shirts (sans a tie). Generally speaking a fad is a widely shared enthusiasm—person, place, or thing—that is usually short-lived and has little consideration for quality. In other words few fads aim for endurance but are simply pleased to be popular. And as I hope you will tell from my own admission (and yours!) fads are not merely an issue with prevailing pop-culture but more alarmingly within religious Church culture.

Washed Clean

Kimberly is devastatingly sweet. Her likability may only be outdone by her fashion sensibility. Without fail she exemplifies her profession every time I see her—she is a stage designer. She became good friends with my wife, Laura and they regularly enjoyed conversations and walks down the street between our apartments. Their friendship opened up Kimberly to not only share her joy, but also her pain. 


Rest Takes Work

Fridays are my day off. Within Christian circles we might call it a Sabbath or day of rest. Mine is on Friday; I know, not Sunday. We pastors have an ironic relationship with Sundays—“the official day of rest” is perhaps our most tiring of the week. Though this is quickly changing, historically Sundays have been set aside for rest—inside and outside the church.


Tell Me Everything

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Tell Me Everything is a memoir of sorts that recounts Jason's story of discovering the story of Christianity. Having grown up in church, it was easy to confusing religion for Jesus. But Christianity is not a religion, it is a story. 

Amazon is the best place to pick up a copy of Tell Me Everything but it is also available at Christianbooks.com. After you read it let us know what you think! 




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